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We offer foot care to all - 6 days a week.
New practitioner, exciting new treatments, and clinics.

Foot Care Treatments in Kings Lynn

For comfy feet why not come to The Foot Care Centre in Tower St, we’ll help with anything from nail cutting and corn removal to conditions like plantar fasciitis. Call us now to book your foot care slot and get rid of the aches and pains in your feet and joints. We’ll even help you with unsightly conditions like fungal nails, verrucas and athletes foot.

Elizabeth Dutton is the founder of The College of Foot Care Practitioners based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, as well as the author of the Fun with Feet website.
Foot care in Kings Lynn can help all parts of your body! Yes, even if you have sore shoulders or hips, we can help them through foot care, and through dietary advice. Poor posture can be caused by all manner of foot problems (such as those listed above), and by being overweight. The poor posture in turn leads to more pain in joints and muscles.

The sooner you get help, the quicker your treatment works, and the cheaper it is for you. Call us now on 01553 768661 to see how we can help you. All our practitioners are fully qualified and insured.
From November 1st 2021 The Footcare Centre will be offering treatments 5 days a week, with walk in appointments available Monday - Friday 9.00am - 1.00pm inclusively.

We are introducing dedicated clinics on a  Friday for diabetic foot care, laser treatments, and plantar fasciitis, heel pain, knee pain, verruca's and troublesome corns and nail reconstruction for fungal/damaged nails.

Our team is expanding and so is our range of treatments.

We offer excellent general foot care - to meet all the family's needs. Nail cutting, hard skin removal, callouses, corns, verruca's, and fungal nails.

Our new diabetic foot care clinic allows you the opportunity to discuss your specific foot care needs, have an "MOT" on your feet, discuss management plans for ongoing neuropathy and vascular issues. Experience how LLLLT (Low Level Light Laser Therapy) can help reduce some of the issues caused by diabetes and offer pain relief from some of the symptoms. 
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