the footcare centre

Why Choose Us?

Our consultants will provide onsite training and/or treatments; they can also provide advice and guidance where appropriate and will enhance the companies ability to provide excellence in staff welfare and well-being.

Our bespoke comfort system provides a solution to hard floors and unsuitable work surfaces, whilst ensuring lower limb protection.

Using rubber matting with an anti-slip bubble pattern on a cushioned base provides the maximum support and traction for feet, whilst protecting lower limbs and joints.

In conjunction with our bespoke shoe sizing, fitting and foot wear advice package, we can guarantee to provide staff with complete foot comfort and thus enhance their general state of well-being.

To combat existing foot problems we provide a monthly onsite visit offering a discounted foot care service.

Hundreds of hours are lost each month from employees being unable to perform their regular duties/work commitments. Many of the hours lost are due to foot health problems and related issues. Our trained consultants can help your company resolve these issues and within a short period of time can reduce the number of hours taken as time off/sick leave, reduce the amount of sick pay, paid out by the company and increase productivity.

Your workforce relies on their feet so why not rely on us to help your company!
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