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We're now a brand ambassador!

We're proud to announce that we're now a brand ambassador for the following products: Voxx Life T.S. Life Nutronics Juice Plus

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T.S. Life

T.S. Life - tastefully simple, help inside and out. We all need a little help to keep ourselves looking and feeling fit and healthy. Packed with goodness and completely plant based the T.S. Life range of beauty and supplement products help you reach your goal. The luxury high end skin care system must be tried […]

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Development and impact of Voxx HPT

To understand the development and impact of Voxx HPT, one must understand the relationship between the human peripheral nervous system (PNS), the brainstem and the various nuclei therein. The PNS connects the central nervous system to environmental stimuli to gather sensory input and create motor output. The PNS coordinates action and responses by sending signals […]

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My Journey into wearable neurotechnology

My journey into wearable neurotechnology started in March 2020. I was introduced to the technology and found the concept fascinating, so I wanted to research the concept more. I found the timing intriguing a first and then realised that this was meant to be... My business had ground to a halt due to COVID. I […]

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