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Books By Elizabeth Dutton

Have a look at the books written by Elizabeth Dutton, owner of the The Foot Care Centre and Principle of The College of Foot Care Practitioners. Buy now from Amazon UK.

Essential Foot Care for Diabetics (Foot Care For You Series From The Foot Care Centre)

If you have diabetes, then you must take daily care of your feet! Unchecked infections can lead to toe, foot or leg amputations…yet these can be avoided in most cases.

This short, yet comprehensive book, written by a practising foot care professional and foot care trainer, shows you the whys, what’s and hows of looking after your diabetic feet.

Essential Foot Care for Skin & Nail Problems of the Feet (Foot Care For You Series From The Foot Care Centre)

This valuable resource tells you about common skin and nail infections of the feet, how to treat them, and how to prevent them recurring.

Essential Foot Care For People Who Are Overweight & Obese (Foot Care For You Series From The Foot Care Centre)

This short book is designed with helping you in mind – we’ll look at how being overweight affects your feet, and what to do to help alleviate the problems and pain. Overweight people are often diabetic, so we’ll have a short section on diabetes foot care too.

How to Become a Foot Care Professional

This book isn’t written by us, but we do get an honourable mention in it!
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